My birthday was awesome!

I received so many sweet Facebook posts, messages, texts, and phone calls. 

I talked with my family and even got to FaceTime with one of my best friends. 

The weekend as a whole was a whirlwind of fun from start to finish. 

Here are the highlights:

  • Thrift store shopping
  • Barnes and Noble 
  • Barbecue
  • Finding Dory
  • 2 get togethers
  • Fireworks
  • Reading
  • Coffee
  • In PJs till lunchtime 

I basically partied like a rockstar all weekend. 

And while I’m thankful for good work, getting back into my routine will be hard tomorrow. 

Now, it’s time for this 26 year old to go to bed! 

Remember: the new blog schedule is Monday and Friday. 

Let me know if you have any topics you’d like me to discuss more in-depth. 

Farewell to 25

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new adventure–Year 26.

I’ve already shared my goals with you, so now I just want to recap what happened last year:

  • I was working as an office manager
  • Serving the deaf at 2 churches and a school
  • Making the decision to leave Alabama again to head out to Rhema
  • Falling in love with missions
  • Writing for this blog everyday
  • My heart was steadily being changed by this radical notion that following Jesus was never meant to be a Sunday only affair 

I am so blessed and humbled by everything that happened which brought me to right here, sitting on my couch, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

25, you’ve been good to me. Now it’s time to start out on my next adventure. 

Almost 26

My birthday (and America’s birthday) is almost here!

Hard to believe that my daily blogging commitment is coming to and end. 

I will definitely keep up my blogging, but not everyday. 

Right now my plan is to blog on Mondays and Fridays. The days are subject to change (the objective is biweekly posts). 

This is just my preliminary planning because birthdays have always been mile markers for me. 

This upcoming year I really want to become a more focused writer.

Daily blogging was only step one for me. I needed to get in the habit of writing everyday. 

Now I want to get better at taking ideas and fully developing them. 

I am excited! And I hope you’ll stick around through the next year. It’s going to be fun. 

Birthday Wishes to a Great Friend

bffl faveI’m going to do something completely cheesy today.

This blog post is dedicated to my friend, Bethany Fletcher, in honor of her birthday.

We met in college and became friends instantly….NOT!

In fact, I remember the time she told me that the first time we hung out in a big group she went to her room and cried. She also used to lock the door on her side of our Jack and Jill style bathroom suite.

Eventually, though, she and I realized (and began to appreciate) all of the individual qualities that make us both awesome. christmas friends

Bethany taught me about many things, but for some I am eternally grateful:

  1. Fashion–thanks for helping me get past dressing like a granny.
  2. Music–my previous musical tastes involved a lot of Reba and Patsy Cline. I’m still their number one fan, but my musical taste has broadened–a lot.
  3. Blogging–if it wasn’t for Bethany, I would not be a blog lover today.
  4. Encouragement–this chick has walked with me and encouraged me through some pretty dark times. She’s also slapped me back into reality, but it’s always followed by a hug.
  5. Jesus–Bethany’s friendship with our Savior is out of this world. Seriously. I’ve always looked to her example in how to live, love, and serve Jesus.

Bethany, I hope you’re okay with me dedicating a whole blog post to you. It’s just that you know I’m horrible at sending out cards…..but I do want you to know that I am thankful for your friendship.

bffl pumpkinHappy Birthday, BFFL!

I hope that your 26th year is awesome.

Know that my thoughts and prayers are always with you and, of course, Mr. Fletcher.

More Birthday Fun!

This post is up…but a bit late. Like, technically not today late…sorry about that. I was still partying like it was my birthday.

Here’s a few pictures of my shenanigans:

 It’s a birthday box head bird! Ah!!!
 Birthday muffins to celebrate the big 25.
 Meet Mr. Carrot. He was a gift from Savanna and Selah. Caleb gave me the spiffy green cumberbun.
 Dad and Mama Ce got me a Batman shirt and a pack of cool Batman socks. I’m in love…

It’s late, friends. Let’s talk again tomorrow.

25 Random Facts About Me

Daily blogging begins today! 

I thought it would be fun to start our journey by sharing 25 random facts about myself. 

  1. I normally read 3-5 books at a time. 
  2. For me, YouTube always beats television. 
  3. I love corny and punny jokes. 
  4. I love to tell corny and punny jokes even more. 
  5. I am a pathological note taker. 
  6. I am an avid doodler. 
  7. The Weepies are my favorite band. 
  8. I am not as extroverted as people think. 
  9. When I am in full-on sign language mode, I often forget I can hear. 
  10. I love karaoke. 
  11. Twitter confuses me; I can’t quite grasp the concept. 
  12. I am highly allergic to Christianese. 
  13. Pulling off surprises is not my strong suit. 
  14. A beautifully written sentence almost always makes me cry. 
  15. Celebrity worship of any kind disgusts me. 
  16. Encouraging others is my favorite thing to do. 
  17. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite book/movie to read/watch at Christmas time. 
  18. I love listening to podcasts. 
  19. I do not like dressing up. 
  20. Bacon. (Enough said.)
  21. Driving and eating never works well for me. 
  22. I am a pyromaniac. 
  23. I enjoy sending cards and letters via snail mail. 
  24. I have a song for everything. 
  25. One hobby I want to pick back up is geocaching. 

The Worst Millennial Ever


The title of this post says it all. I am the worst millennial ever.

Hashtags, Twitter, Snapchat, and don’t even get me started on LinkedIn.


Can someone please explain all of these social media tools to me?

Instagram is simple enough for anyone to use. Take a picture, add a caption, and BAM! The world can see how awesome your filtered life really is.

Facebook? It’s the grandpa of all social media. I mean, it beat Myspace and took over as the Yo-Mama! of all social media. Zuckerberg’s empire is not going anywhere–even though the movie that explains it all is probably the worst….

Moving on…..

Why am I talking about this? Because I have a goal for this blog now. It’s quite simple.

Blog every day of my 25th year.

Sometimes the posts will be super serious.

Sometimes I will post a book review.

Sometimes  I will post a YouTube video with some commentary (it is a blog after all).

I don’t want to limit myself in what I choose to do. The only goal is to post something every day.

Which takes me back to being the worst millennial ever……

I need your help to improve my mad skills because right now I have none.

That’s another goal of mine for this upcoming year:

Figure out the complex world of the blogosphere and social media.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

For those of you know my birthday is in July, you might be wondering why I’m posting this now.

Thanks for asking!

It will take me that long to get into the habit.

Consistency is my kryptonite.

Now, to end the most random blog post ever…..