Office antics rock

Office antics crack me up. 

My coworker left a note on my apple–the one that’s been sitting on my desk for the past week–and it caused me to belly laugh.

I was simply shocked to see my normally stoic coworker do something so silly. Of course, you’re talking to the girl who: 

  • Recorded her coworker trying a nori (seaweed) chip for the first time
  • Shot the same coworker with a Nerf gun daily
  • Hid behind doors and scared the same coworker
  • Included a joke in almost every email that I sent out

If I had to be super serious all the time…I’m just not sure that’s sustainable for me. 

I guess it’s good that every boss I’ve ever had thinks I’m kinda funny. In fact, many of them looked to me to be the resident funny person.

Humor is the key to job satisfaction. 

Forget all that stuff about having a good work ethic and all the right college degrees. None of that matters.

Okay, okay it matters a little bit. Though, having halfway decent people skills and a sense of humor are the true keys to success.

At least, it’s always worked for me…

Maybe I shouldn’t say it’s the law just because it’s working for me. (I’m not one of those annoying bloggers that claim to have all the answers.) 


A new job description

I was charged today with bringing humor into our office. 

My boss told me to make him laugh everyday because he tends to be too serious. 

I can handle this task! 

(I was already doing this anyway, but it’s good to know I have job security.)

The gears are turning in my head now…

Work just got even better for me! 

I don’t know if my boss fully understands how exciting this new challenge is for me. 

Sure, there’s plenty of “real” work to be done, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, too. 

And fun we shall have! 

It’s a part of my job description now. 

Tim Hawkins Live

I saw Tim Hawkins live! He came to The Assembly Church in Broken Arrow.

By the time it was over, I was having trouble getting a hold of myself.

Tim did a few classic bits:

  • Hand raising guide for worship services
  • Different kinds of people who pray at church
  • Funny things about his mom
  • Several of his songs 

The man is funny. His comedy is very involved. 

His whole body is part of the routine!Not every comedian can pull that off. 

I almost didn’t go because you had to buy a ticket. I am so glad that I did because it was worth every penny!

If you ever have a chance to see a comedian live, I encourage you to go.

Yes, you can watch their videos, but seeing the show live is truly a special experience. 

5 Friday Funnies

I don’t have a lot of words in me today, but I do have several funny pictures.

The primary reason I scroll through social media is to look for funny pictures and jokes. Here are 5 pictures that have found their way into my phone. I have texted them out to friends and shared them online.

These pictures make me smile and I hope they make you smile too!


The joke’s on you!

Figuratively, of course.

Figuratively, of course.

See? Selfies are scientific.

See? Selfies are scientific.

The desert. My favorite place to picture as I sit in traffic.

The desert. My favorite place to picture as I sit in traffic.

Makes finding job candidates a lot easier.

Makes finding job candidates a lot easier.

No one likes a mean comedian

I love to tell jokes. They’re a lot of fun–if told with the right attitude.

Which brings me to today’s talk…

Being mean spirited in your humor is not okay. Here’s a few categories:

  1. Racist jokes
  2. Fat jokes
  3. Lewd jokes
  4. Political jokes
  5. Handicapped jokes

This list can go on and on because anything that has a positive side also has a negative side.

I would be a liar if I said I’ve never laughed at or told a mean spirited joke. We have all laughed at inappropriate things.

But that doesn’t make it okay.

And that’s the hard part….

Look, I’m a fairly black and white person. There is no middle ground with me. Right is right and wrong is wrong. The end.

I’m not a prude or a religious “everything is sinful” kind of person. At some point, though, we all must decide a standard to live by.

We can’t say it’s not okay to discriminate or disrespect others in all areas–except joke telling.

Just because something is funny doesn’t make it right.

And saying “just kidding” is not a magical eraser that negates the power of your words.

Please, everyone, have a life filled with joy and humor. I’m not  saying you can’t ever tease in a playful way.

We all know the line.

We all know when a joke’s bad or gone too far.

Use discretion, okay? What if it was you on the receiving end?

Now, back to reading my joke book…