Angels and Demons


I’ve never dabbled in witchcraft or anything involving the occult. 

However, the things I’ve read and watched, the testimonies I’ve heard from men and women who have escaped that lifestyle, are enough for me to know that it’s not good.

This term I am taking Angels and Demons. In the class we will be learning about the spiritual realm. Mr. Kirk Dubois is my teacher and I am excited to dive into the topic. 

Here are some basic truths to consider:

  1. If there is good, there must be evil
  2. If there is right, there must be wrong
  3. If there is light, there must be darkness

Skeptics embrace these facts when it comes to other religions, but not when it comes to Christianity (even though the Bible clearly addresses every one of these areas).


Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism–and every other religion in between–have an after life, good and evil, as part of their beliefs.

Whenever someone is ignorant about the spiritual realm, Satan has a  field day because that means there’s lots of room for him to deceive. 

Every person I’ve ever heard speak about escaping the occult or coming out of witchcraft starts off their story the same way:

I didn’t know what I was getting in to.

Normally, all he or she wanted was something to connect with, something to give their lives meaning and purpose. What they found was darkness beyond compare.

Guess what?

As Christians we can share with those individuals–and those who are stuck in dead religions–the source of all strength and power:

Jesus Christ! 

In Him is the hope of a bright future!

In Him is power over all darkness!









No one likes a mean comedian

I love to tell jokes. They’re a lot of fun–if told with the right attitude.

Which brings me to today’s talk…

Being mean spirited in your humor is not okay. Here’s a few categories:

  1. Racist jokes
  2. Fat jokes
  3. Lewd jokes
  4. Political jokes
  5. Handicapped jokes

This list can go on and on because anything that has a positive side also has a negative side.

I would be a liar if I said I’ve never laughed at or told a mean spirited joke. We have all laughed at inappropriate things.

But that doesn’t make it okay.

And that’s the hard part….

Look, I’m a fairly black and white person. There is no middle ground with me. Right is right and wrong is wrong. The end.

I’m not a prude or a religious “everything is sinful” kind of person. At some point, though, we all must decide a standard to live by.

We can’t say it’s not okay to discriminate or disrespect others in all areas–except joke telling.

Just because something is funny doesn’t make it right.

And saying “just kidding” is not a magical eraser that negates the power of your words.

Please, everyone, have a life filled with joy and humor. I’m not  saying you can’t ever tease in a playful way.

We all know the line.

We all know when a joke’s bad or gone too far.

Use discretion, okay? What if it was you on the receiving end?

Now, back to reading my joke book…