Angels and Demons


I’ve never dabbled in witchcraft or anything involving the occult. 

However, the things I’ve read and watched, the testimonies I’ve heard from men and women who have escaped that lifestyle, are enough for me to know that it’s not good.

This term I am taking Angels and Demons. In the class we will be learning about the spiritual realm. Mr. Kirk Dubois is my teacher and I am excited to dive into the topic. 

Here are some basic truths to consider:

  1. If there is good, there must be evil
  2. If there is right, there must be wrong
  3. If there is light, there must be darkness

Skeptics embrace these facts when it comes to other religions, but not when it comes to Christianity (even though the Bible clearly addresses every one of these areas).


Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism–and every other religion in between–have an after life, good and evil, as part of their beliefs.

Whenever someone is ignorant about the spiritual realm, Satan has a  field day because that means there’s lots of room for him to deceive. 

Every person I’ve ever heard speak about escaping the occult or coming out of witchcraft starts off their story the same way:

I didn’t know what I was getting in to.

Normally, all he or she wanted was something to connect with, something to give their lives meaning and purpose. What they found was darkness beyond compare.

Guess what?

As Christians we can share with those individuals–and those who are stuck in dead religions–the source of all strength and power:

Jesus Christ! 

In Him is the hope of a bright future!

In Him is power over all darkness!









Invest in the right thing

As much as I love reading–I would read all day everyday if I could–I love people more. 

People are always more important. 

We’re surrounded by technology and a million other distractions that can keep us from investing in the lives of our friends and family. 

Only 2 things on earth are eternal: 

  1. God’s Word
  2. The spirits of men and women. 

Everything else will be burnt to a crisp once the final judgment comes to the earth. 

The Great Comission is about preaching the gospel and making disciples. 

Jesus told us the greatest command is to love God. Then He said the 2nd commandment is equal to the first: love people. 

God is a people person–He just wants us all to know Him. 

He loves us so much that He sent His most precious gift, Jesus, to earth to live and die for our sins. 

A gospel message that lacks love is not representing the true gospel at all. 

One of my teachers said something recently that I’m still chewing on:

In our preaching, is Jesus attractive enough that people want to accept Him without the threat of hell?

Please don’t stop reading. I’m not a heretic. 

Hell is a real place like Heaven–and it’s not a fun place either. Eternal punishment and separation from God is the worst fate ever. 

But I wonder what would happen if Christians shared with lost people about a God who loves them first instead of throwing it in after speaking of the eternal doom of not choosing Jesus. 

Why not start with love?

Share the story of God’s love and model it in your own life. 

I’m not interested in debating on  methods of evangelism. I just want to point out that Christianity at it’s core, is all about the love of God and the love of Christ. 

Love multiples, which is why Jesus told us to share and teach the truth. 

The importance of discipleship was emphasized and modeled to us by Jesus and the early church leaders. 

People are important and investing in relationships is the best use of your time. 

Go to Hell, Michigan

I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression “There must be a special kind of hell for ________.”

It’s a saying that we use when people are so mean, so evil that we think there’s no hope of redemption for them.

Did you know that hell is a part of our vernacular?

  • I’d go to hell and back for him/her.
  • Our world’s going to hell in a hand basket.
  • They’ve been through hell.
  • I’m trapped in a living hell.
  • Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

The list goes on and on….

Seriously, I googled “colloquial expressions about hell” and found over 50! (Link below)

But my favorite use of hell is when we spell it out–for the children’s sake, of course.

“I told Bob he could go to h-e-double l.” 

Which leads me to wonder why the people of Hell, Michigan don’t use this phrase as a tourism tag line?

The forecast in Hell is...

The forecast in Hell is…

Go to Hell, Michigan today!

I find it ironic that a large majority of people claim to not believe in hell, and yet never question their vernacular.

This is a subject that needs to be discussed more.

As a Christian, I believe that hell is a real place.

I knew a boy years ago that joked around about partying in hell with the demons.

Trust me. There will be no party there. That’s one invitation you need to decline.

Why do we talk about hell so much?

I think it’s because, deep down, we all know sin is at the root of every evil committed.

Everyone’s looking for hope, for a reason to live beyond themselves.

Our early heritage of faith might be outlawed in courtrooms and classrooms, but it’s present in our vernacular.

It’s time to talk about the final destination.

For your investigation: