Long Work Day

I just worked 14 hours straight….


I think there may have been 15 minutes in the day when I wasn’t doing something. 

Hard work doesn’t bother me, but it does wear me out!

Feels good to put my feet up a few minutes. 

Normal posts will resume soon, I promise…

Today’s just been hectic. 

Sunday Funday!

This Sunday was very busy. I helped my aunt with an organizational project. We’re nowhere close to done, but I’m proud of what we accomplished.

Plus, it was really nice to visit with her and my cousins. Baby Illyana even came over (my cousin’s little girl) and I got some pictures with her.

My weekend was pretty good overall. Not super restful but it reminds me of a verse from an old hymn:

In our joys and in our sorrows,

Days of toil and hours of ease,

Still He calls, in cares and pleasures,

“Christian, love me more than these.”

We all have seasons of busyness and seasons of rest. Both are necessary and both require us to trust the Lord.

What did you do this weekend? Leave me a comment below.

Fridays are for fun!

Let’s have a little fun this Friday.

brainHere are 5 random things that made me think/laugh this week:

  1. Grannies singing a karaoke version of “Forever Young” by Alphaville
  2. God sitting in front of a big soundboard where he can listen to all the worship that happens in the world. He can turn the volume up or down on anyone. And the question is: Who does He like to listen to?
  3. I saw a dog being pushed around in a baby carriage (enough said).
  4. What if every thought you had in a day–and the original emotion behind it–was projected on a big screen?
  5. There was an article on Facebook about when to take a shower…Let’s just take that in for a minute….

What are some things that made you think/laugh this week?