Fridays are for fun!

Let’s have a little fun this Friday.

brainHere are 5 random things that made me think/laugh this week:

  1. Grannies singing a karaoke version of “Forever Young” by Alphaville
  2. God sitting in front of a big soundboard where he can listen to all the worship that happens in the world. He can turn the volume up or down on anyone. And the question is: Who does He like to listen to?
  3. I saw a dog being pushed around in a baby carriage (enough said).
  4. What if every thought you had in a day–and the original emotion behind it–was projected on a big screen?
  5. There was an article on Facebook about when to take a shower…Let’s just take that in for a minute….

What are some things that made you think/laugh this week?


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