Faith is a lifestyle

kenneth-e-haginKenneth E. Hagin’s testimony is the reason Rhema Bible Training College exists. It’s hard to fathom sometimes the deep, unwavering commitment Bro. Hagin had to the Father. Of course, we all know that to those whom much has been given much is required.

My favorite Bro. Hagin stories are the ones where he was just living life—paying bills, running errands, etc. I was recently reading The Midas Touch for a class and came across this statement “I was putting on my socks one day and the Lord spoke to me…”

I had to stop reading for a moment. Wait a minute. Bro. Hagin put on socks?!? Then I started laughing…of course Bro. Hagin put on socks! He was a man, right?

Rhema’s goal is to train ministers of the gospel, men and women who follow God in everyday moments and also in extraordinary ways. We are repeatedly told that the stories shared in classes are for us to see that God will move in our lives.

This is the main reason I was drawn to Rhema. I didn’t want to go to a college that only dealt with hypothetical situations.

rbtc-sealI wanted to go to a college that not only challenged me but also equipped me to walk out my beliefs.

I wanted to go to a college that encouraged me to start living out the truth on the job, in the grocery store, and running errands.

Bro. Hagin’s mandate from God was to “teach my people faith” and his legacy continues through the thousands of Rhema graduates around the world.

If Father God is calling you into ministry, you need to check out Rhema Bible Training College. Come and see what He is doing in the student body’s lives. A great way to do that is during our Spring College Weekend. For more information please visit,

The gospel changes lives

I read a story today about a little boy who almost died of AIDS and all of the complications it causes. 

He was brought back from the brink of death by a missionary who gave both him and his father medicine and the gospel. 

  For over a year, I have been a sponsor of Amazima Ministries, which was founded by Katie Davis. 

You may know her from her blog, Kisses from Katie, and her book by the same name. 

Each month I learn about a child in the sponsorship program. A part of me travels to Uganda each month and it’s cool to see how God takes my small part to positively affect the lives of countless children. 

One day I want to travel to Uganda for missions. Ever since I first heard of Katie’s work, I’ve wanted to go there myself. 

The gospel is changing the lives of Uganda’s children, which make up a majority of the population due to wars and AIDS. 

Imagine how different of a place Uganda will be as these children grow in the knowledge of the Lord and take their place as leaders!

Missions–and supporting missions–gets me fired up. 

We are told to go to all the world and preach the gospel. There’s a lot of work to be done between now and when Jesus comes back!

You should check out their website (link above) and seriously consider sponsoring a child. 

Faith for the Vision

I carried the Peruvian flag tonight during the Parade of Flags. 

It’s amazing the reach Rhema has around the world! 

Brother Hagin was given a charge by the Lord to “Go teach my people faith.”

Rhema Bible Training College is a fulfillment of that charge to take the gospel to all of the world!

Brother Hagin knew he couldn’t do it alone. This would be something that would continue after his death. 

Hundreds of schools and thousands of graduates later, Rhema is going strong!

And the gospel is being proclaimed throughout the world. 

It’s amazing how one man’s willingness to obey God has made such an impact…

Here’s my question to you: 

Is your vision big enough?

Or do you try to limit God by saying, “This can’t be done”?

Of course, nothing can be done alone, but God’s not asking us to do all these things by ourselves. 

God’s asking you to have faith and to leave the rest up to Him. 

WBS 2: Understanding the Times

Pastor Hagin prayed for several international directors tonight. 

He spoke words of encouragement and change from the Lord. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for those regions!

This time of edification is necessary because of the times. Our world is not a tame, safe place to live. 

My friends, Jesus is coming back. 

This is not a hell, fire, and brimstone message. It’s simply the truth, but I want to point out something:

Hell is a real place and the punishment for not accepting the free gift of salvation is not just an embellished scare tactic used by Christians to “convert” you to Christianity. 

I put convert in quotations because Christianity is more about a relationship with God than anything else. 

Like I said before, Jesus is coming back! 

He’s waiting on his cue from Father God to take the church up to Heaven with Him. And Father God is waiting as long as possible because it’s His desire for all to be saved.

So, the reason the Rhema family is talking about taking a stand for the truth is simple:

Rhema’s mission is Jesus’ mission. We want to spread the gospel through all the world and see many come to know Christ. 

The gospel will be confirmed by signs, miracles, and wonders. The Holy Spirit’s power accompanies the message we carry! 

Jesus scolded the religious leaders of the day for not understanding the times. Therefore, I’d say the church needs to understand the times as well. 

As Ms. Lynette said this morning, “This is the season of declaration.”

Why do we need to declare?

Because Jesus is coming soon and the world needs to hear the message. 

Winter Bible, Day 1

The world is here at Rhema! 

Winter Bible Seminar Day 1 was a success. 

Pastor Hagin and Ms. Lynette preached on strongholds being broken and our authority as believers over every dominion of darkness. 


Talk about a powerful word from God…

We came together today as a family to pray with and for each other as chains fell off. 

Fears are gone. 

Strongholds are broken!

We needed to be reminded of these powerful, yet fundamental messages on authority because our school and church is reaching the nations. 

Places where you have to stand strong and assured of your authority because the missionaries are literally carrying the light into darkness. 

I’m so thankful to be a part of a school that has such reach around the world and that brings the family back together to encourage each other. 

This is only Day 1, so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!