WBS 2: Understanding the Times

Pastor Hagin prayed for several international directors tonight. 

He spoke words of encouragement and change from the Lord. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for those regions!

This time of edification is necessary because of the times. Our world is not a tame, safe place to live. 

My friends, Jesus is coming back. 

This is not a hell, fire, and brimstone message. It’s simply the truth, but I want to point out something:

Hell is a real place and the punishment for not accepting the free gift of salvation is not just an embellished scare tactic used by Christians to “convert” you to Christianity. 

I put convert in quotations because Christianity is more about a relationship with God than anything else. 

Like I said before, Jesus is coming back! 

He’s waiting on his cue from Father God to take the church up to Heaven with Him. And Father God is waiting as long as possible because it’s His desire for all to be saved.

So, the reason the Rhema family is talking about taking a stand for the truth is simple:

Rhema’s mission is Jesus’ mission. We want to spread the gospel through all the world and see many come to know Christ. 

The gospel will be confirmed by signs, miracles, and wonders. The Holy Spirit’s power accompanies the message we carry! 

Jesus scolded the religious leaders of the day for not understanding the times. Therefore, I’d say the church needs to understand the times as well. 

As Ms. Lynette said this morning, “This is the season of declaration.”

Why do we need to declare?

Because Jesus is coming soon and the world needs to hear the message. 

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