Faith for the Vision

I carried the Peruvian flag tonight during the Parade of Flags. 

It’s amazing the reach Rhema has around the world! 

Brother Hagin was given a charge by the Lord to “Go teach my people faith.”

Rhema Bible Training College is a fulfillment of that charge to take the gospel to all of the world!

Brother Hagin knew he couldn’t do it alone. This would be something that would continue after his death. 

Hundreds of schools and thousands of graduates later, Rhema is going strong!

And the gospel is being proclaimed throughout the world. 

It’s amazing how one man’s willingness to obey God has made such an impact…

Here’s my question to you: 

Is your vision big enough?

Or do you try to limit God by saying, “This can’t be done”?

Of course, nothing can be done alone, but God’s not asking us to do all these things by ourselves. 

God’s asking you to have faith and to leave the rest up to Him. 

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