Trouble on Aisle 9

Ever have to make a guess about an item on a shopping list? 

It can be tough….

Sliced olives or whole olives???? The note only says olives!!!!

Shopping for someone else, especially someone you don’t know very well, is tough. I struggle with second guessing and even resort to asking random shoppers for advice.

Excuse me. Can I ask  you a quick question? If you saw olives on the grocery list, (here’s what we’re making)do you think the olives would need to be whole or sliced? 

I’ve been known to call someone 3 times from the grocery store.

This is why I prefer a list that has ALL of the specifics. Buy that kind and this brand and in that color if they have it. The more details I’m given the better. 

If there’s any way I can snap a picture of the item, that’s even better.

Yes, I am the girl in Aisle 9 holding up a picture of the thing you’re looking at on the shelf. Don’t judge me! 

I realize this is a trivial matter. Buying the wrong kind of olives will not result in fatality. The only thing that can go wrong is your recipe is messed up.

But going back to the store….that just stinks, okay? Having to return an item requires a long walk of shame or, even worse, you hear this: 

Well, that’s not what I wanted, but I can just take it back next week. Thanks for trying. 

Thanks for trying sounds like this to me: 

How could you mess this up?!?

This week alone I’ve run to the store 3-5 times to pick up supplies at work.

Now you know the battle I’ve been facing.

Grocery store angst is a real thing.




Time for friends 

I had a great day with my friends. We were finally able to get together and hang out. 

My friend Andrea from Marion and my friend Sam from Birmingham met up with me this afternoon at the Galleria. 

We ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, got a coffee at Starbucks, and shopped at Old Navy. 

It was so cool to be together because two different aspects of my life are now connected. 

Andrea and Sam have been friends since college and I have been friends with Andrea since she became the librarian at Judson. 

Sam and I met this past January when I started learning sign language. 

I really enjoyed myself today. Hang out times with friends don’t happen as much as I’d like. 

Another goal for 2016 is to schedule more time for important relationships. 

Merry Christmas Traffic

  I met Santa today!

Turns out he does all his last minute shopping at Wal-Mart too. 

Traffic was a bit crazy on my delivery route because everyone else just realized Christmas is next week. 

Be careful if you have to go out this weekend. 

Don’t lose your joy over a few extra minutes at a red light. 

And if you happen to see Santa this weekend, be sure to give him a word of encouragement and ask him what kind of cookies he actually wants on Christmas Eve. 

Lessons from Toyland 

Toy stores are overwhelming. 

I took my little sister to Toys R Us to buy her a birthday present. 

Thank goodness she knew what she wanted! (Even though the toy looked weird to me at first). 
You could get lost in there. 

I just wonder if it’s healthy for kids to be bombarded by so many options at such a young age. 

Even with parental guidance it’s hard for a kid to navigate the world of entertainment, especially because every company wants kids to grow up with their merchandise. 

Brand loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. And that’s why companies target children. 

Like anything in life, how strict you are as a parent will always be under scrutiny. I don’t have any children yet, but I watch families closely. 

It’s the best way to pick up the dos and don’ts of parenting. 

Kudos to all parents though–no matter how strict or lax in other areas–who monitor their kids’ toys. 

I learned quite a bit from my trip to the toy store about how hard it is to provide educational and fun toys for kids without sacrificing their little hearts in the process.