Healthy Introspection

Introspection: the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.

I am an overly introspective person.

Is there a group called Over-Introspective Anonymous? 

If so, I need to go because the amount of time that I spend thinking things through is astronomical.

And annoying…..

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you believe.

There’s nothing wrong with critical thinking.

It’s just that some of my “thinking” is actually tied to people pleasing. 


I am a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist. Old habits die hard. Just when I think that I’ve gotten it under control….

Well, you know how that sentence ends.

If your thoughts constantly revolve around “What will people think of me?” then that’s a sign that people pleasing is your motive. 

Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

Loosen up!

It’s okay.

You’re okay.

Keep moving towards your dreams.

Put away the measuring stick. There’s no need to compare yourself to others. You’re not them and they’re not you. 

I say all of these things as reminders to myself, but I know that we’ve all been there.

This is when the healthy use of introspection comes in handy. 

I only noticed my old habits creeping back in after reading through my last few posts and thinking back on several conversations from earlier in the week.

Now I know what areas need more attention. 

And it has nothing to do with what someone else thinks and everything to do with me growing, which is the natural byproduct of healthy introspection.

Faded Flower Child

Being different is okay. You know that, right? 

Personality traits are given to us by God to help and serve others.

Now, when I was in 7th grade, which was around 2002, I seriously wanted to be a hippie. 


Who cares? Wear what you want! 

I had a globe necklace, a tie dye shirt, and mismatched socks. 

I wasn’t being different….I was just a weird kid in a weird (and thankfully short) stage. 

Be free, I thought, leave behind negativity. Societal norms can’t define me. 

But I still struggled because there is something to finding your place. Not being teachable, not accepting yourself takes a toll on you socially. 

Instead of trying to change yourself into the person others see, try being yourself. 

God gave you a unique personality and special gifts. Use them!

There’s only one you. 

Quit trying to be someone else. 

I’m Tired of Singing the Blues

Here in the last couple of weeks I have reclaimed my time. That’s right. Every night I write out my to-do list and that has drastically changed my day.


I am taking the time to plan out my day. Seriously, that’s it. There’s no ten step program or book that I am reading on efficiency. I am simply writing down what I have to do and then doing it.

This is a revolutionary concept.


What’s revolutionary is that I am taking responsibility for myself.

Can you picture a world where everyone takes responsibility for themselves? Would you even be able to recognize this generation?

It’s time to grow up!

Gee, I wonder why my house is so messy…oh look! Another episode of Friends is coming on for the fiftieth time! I’ll mop the floor after it goes off.

How stupid.

I’ve accomplished so much more by turning off the TV and getting off my butt. In fact, I can barely stand to watch TV anymore.

What’s there to watch? The news? That’s depressing. Reality TV? It’s all rigged anyway. Cop shows? You see one episode, you’ve figured out the plot of every show.

I want to really live my life. Not just watch other people on TV and wish I was them. That’s kind of lame, okay? I’m sick of feeling lame and silly and wondering why life is passing me by.

Jesus laid down his life for me, so I could sit on my butt and do nothing?

What’s wrong with this picture?


Now, do not start believing I am Miss Wonderful. I’m just waking up, okay?

I struggle every day.

I make mistakes, I feel guilty, and I lament over missed opportunities.

However, I don’t want to be singing the blues for the rest of my life either.

I’m rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and moving on. Will you do the same?