Faded Flower Child

Being different is okay. You know that, right? 

Personality traits are given to us by God to help and serve others.

Now, when I was in 7th grade, which was around 2002, I seriously wanted to be a hippie. 


Who cares? Wear what you want! 

I had a globe necklace, a tie dye shirt, and mismatched socks. 

I wasn’t being different….I was just a weird kid in a weird (and thankfully short) stage. 

Be free, I thought, leave behind negativity. Societal norms can’t define me. 

But I still struggled because there is something to finding your place. Not being teachable, not accepting yourself takes a toll on you socially. 

Instead of trying to change yourself into the person others see, try being yourself. 

God gave you a unique personality and special gifts. Use them!

There’s only one you. 

Quit trying to be someone else. 

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