Captain America: Civil War

I just finished watching Captain America: Civil War. 

And I walked away from the movie feeling conflicted.

 All of the heroes were only acting out of their convictions, but I can’t help thinking that humans are odd. 

Determination is an awesome quality. On the flip side, determination looks a lot like stubbornness at times. 

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were both determined, driven by their personal convictions, and in the process they almost killed each other. 

Vengeance was another strong theme throughout the movie. 

Between the vengeance of the super heroes and the vengeance of the villain, I couldn’t help but notice that no one’s motives were pure. 

Like I said, I walked away feeling conflicted. 

What I did enjoy was how this movie was action packed from start to finish. 

If you’ve watched the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

  • Did you walk away conflicted? 
  • What was your favorite part?
  • Your least favorite part?

Balancing Acts

Healthy balances are hard to achieve. 

And isn’t that what we all want? 

Balance. Stability. Some sense of normalcy. 

A balanced diet. 

A balanced social life. 

A balanced budget. 

The magical moment of perfect equilibrium is always on our mind. 

It rarely happens….

I hate to be the one who bursts your bubble. Mine just got busted too. 

Dear Audra, 

Things will rarely be in balance. It’s a nice goal, but quit stressing out. 

Having no balance especially trips me up on bad days and I’ve had some doozies here recently, so you can imagine my frustration. 

I told you we were going to talk more about vulnerability today. 


Bad, unbalanced days send me reeling. 

I don’t handle them well. 

In fact, I was tempted to not blog today. 

I refuse, though, to mess up my goal and I refuse to not be honest with you about where I’m at. 

Some days Miss Molly Sunshine goes on holiday and her crazy cousin comes to town. 

I don’t want this blog to be negative, but I do want to be honest. 

You can’t be vulnerable without honesty. 

Things won’t always be perfect. 

People will irritate the snot out of you. 

Life will go on–even if it is a little off kilter.