Lessons from Finding Dory

Finding Dory was awesome!

This is one of the few times when I think the sequel is better than the original. 

The journey of Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and the gang was quite epic. 

I knew it would have a happy ending, but Finding Dory really stuck the ending–I didn’t see it happening that way!

Plus, it tied in really nicely with Finding Nemo. I loved how Pixar weaved the two stories together. 

Here’s some of the lessons I learned from Finding Dory:

  • Family is #1
  • Life lessons are truly unforgettable and will always guide you to make the right decisions
  • Always be yourself 
  • Don’t say things you don’t mean
  • Just keep swimming (couldn’t resist!)

Go watch the movie. It’s super cute. 

Captain America: Civil War

I just finished watching Captain America: Civil War. 

And I walked away from the movie feeling conflicted.

 All of the heroes were only acting out of their convictions, but I can’t help thinking that humans are odd. 

Determination is an awesome quality. On the flip side, determination looks a lot like stubbornness at times. 

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were both determined, driven by their personal convictions, and in the process they almost killed each other. 

Vengeance was another strong theme throughout the movie. 

Between the vengeance of the super heroes and the vengeance of the villain, I couldn’t help but notice that no one’s motives were pure. 

Like I said, I walked away feeling conflicted. 

What I did enjoy was how this movie was action packed from start to finish. 

If you’ve watched the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

  • Did you walk away conflicted? 
  • What was your favorite part?
  • Your least favorite part?

Mockingjay, Part II Review

  This past Saturday, I watched The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay, Part II. 

I am not disappointed. The last movie followed the book as closely as the first three movies. 

In fact, I’m going to make a bold statement:

This movie series is the best in terms of book adaption. 

Many times, I walk away saying, “Great movie, but it’s nothing like the book.” 

Not in the case of The Hunger Games. 

So, here are 5 things I learned from the movie:

  1. War is always personal. 
  2. Desensitization is like a sedative. Under it’s spell, nothing short of a lived experience is likely to wake you up. 
  3. There is great power in democracy. 
  4. Utopia sounds like a wonderful place, but it’s an unreachable one as well. 
  5. Never let anyone tell you that influence doesn’t matter. We all make decisions based on influence every day. 

If you’ve read The Hunger Games, I’d love to hear what you learned from the series. 

Also, I want to know your opinion:

Do the movies do the series justice?