Celebrating a great teacher

Yesterday was bittersweet for me.

Rose Sunday is one of my favorite traditions, but another event followed it: Dr. Hokanson’s memorial.

Saying goodbye is hard–even if you know someone’s a Christian.

ChrisHokansonDr. H’s memorial, though, was the best one I have ever attended. I know that’s a weird statement to make, but it’s true.

We focused on the lessons Dr. H left us, lessons that are very much alive and well.

Dr. Hokanson’s brother, Charles, gave the greatest eulogy I have ever heard.

We learned more about Dr. H by listening to his brother share precious memories with us. 

I walked away from the memorial with two thoughts:

  1. Am I using the gifts God’s given me?
  2. Am I encouraging others to do the same?

Because Dr. Hokanson did both of these things quite well.

And that’s all we talked about, really.

These two themes that made up Dr. H’s every day life.

The memorial was brimming with hope, with life.

Yes, I’m still a little angry that cancer took away such a great man too early.

But I know Dr. H is in Heaven, hanging out with Jesus. The pain is softened when I think about how much fun he’s having.

Plus, if Jane Austen’s there (I’m sure she is) he’s probably having tea with her right now.

His scones were the best too!

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