Rose Sunday Adventures

Selah and I had a great time at Rose Sunday! What a privilege to be a part of the 100th celebration of such a special tradition. 

Selah added an extra element of joy because I experienced one of my favorite traditions through her eyes. 


Selah standing outside Jewett Hall

 I want to share my top 5 highlights of the day with Selah:

  1. “This place is as pretty as a church, but it’s really a school.” (Comment as we walked around campus.)
  2. “I’m glad the ivy is good ivy because all the girls would be itchy right now if it was poison ivy.” (Comment upon seeing the girls hold up the ivy chain.)
  3. “Is this where all the girls in beautiful dresses live?” (Asked as we stood outside the freshman dorm.)
  4. I enjoyed racing Selah around the hockey field. 
  5. Selah and I playing “car-nado” on the ride home. (Rolling all the windows down as we drove down Highway 5.)

Selah loved the butterfly garden

Our sister day was a huge success. It was fun showing her around my old stomping grounds. 

Tomorrow I’ll share about Dr. Hokanson’s memorial service. 

Now, to crash after this long day…

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