Eating with gratitude

Today I ate a grape salad.

It’s not that I wanted a grape salad or even that I particularly care for grape salad….

A new friend wanted me to try something she really enjoyed.

I’m not a super picky eater. The list of foods I don’t like is very small.

I consider this a gift because being weird about food, especially in America, is quite common.

We can be as picky as we want. There’s food everywhere.

Don’t like KFC?

Try Popeye’s or Church’s or Bojangles.

thanksDon’t like McDonald’s?

Try Burger King or Rally’s or Five Guys or Jacks or Wendy’s.

We have so much food that we throw a lot of it away.

You can eat as healthy or unhealthy as you like too.

So many choices and yet there’s a high level of ungratefulness.

This is what bothers me.

People die of hunger every day.

There’s no need for that.

In America, eliminating wastefulness would solve the hunger problem.

Around the globe, we can teach people how to grow crops more effectively.

The answers are all around us!

Countless ministries and nonprofit groups are leading the way. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a whole heap of generosity.

It’s time to quit being so ungrateful.

Many of us have never known the pangs of hunger.

Suck it up, okay?

Eat a grape salad¬†every once in a while–even if you don’t care for it.

Because the person sharing it with you has a lot less than you do….

*Disclaimer: Do not eat foods you’re allergic to just to be nice. Doing so doesn’t make you nice, it makes you stupid.*

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