Say no to yourself

You don’t have to eat sweets everyday, Audra!

I like food. All food. 





If it’s food, I like it.

Unless it’s liver…I draw the line at liver. 

Self- control with food is hard. Just take a stroll down the weight loss section of your local bookstore. 

Hundreds of books!!!

Yet most people fail their diets. 

The problem is not so much the food you eat, though, pizza and cheeseburgers everyday isn’t helping you. 

The problem is self-control. Gluttony is a real vice.

Moderation is key, but where’s the fun in that?

Not everything has to be fun. 

I want ice cream and chocolate right now. There will be no delicious goodness tonight. 

Am I happy about this deprivation? 

Absolutely not!

Saying no to yourself is not always fun, but it’s the small choices that snowball into big changes. 

If left alone

An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. 

Newton’s First Law of Motion can teach us a lot about our habits and thought life. 

Another way of defining this law is: An object will keep doing what it’s doing if left alone. 

Aren’t we all the same way?

  • I would eat cheeseburgers everyday if left alone. 
  • I would be a negative person if left alone. 
  • I would still be scared of my own shadow if left alone. 

Wallowing in the past and running toward destruction are both unhealthy responses that lead to nowhere. 

Why is it so hard to get unstuck?

Why is it so hard to go in a different direction?

Newton’s Laws of Motion talk about much more than physics. 

  • Stepping on the scale again was my unbalanced force. 
  • Missing out on deeper, more meaningful relationships was my unbalanced force. 
  • Waking up at 24 and having a mile long wish list of dreams was my unbalanced force. 

Imagine a game of pool.
Nothing would change if  the cue ball (the unbalanced force) didn’t crash into the other balls. 

The best way to get moving again or to change directions is to be hit with an unbalanced force. 

Change is scary, but staying stuck is even scarier. 

And to think no one likes physics…

A Life of Resolve

Resolutions are not just made at New Year’s.

They are also made at the beginning of summer. That magical time of year when a woman realizes she cannot wear a two piece bathing suit. It’s been her aim for the last fifteen years to lose an incredible amount of weight and wow everyone with her awesome new look.

At the first signs of spring, gym membership increases, weight loss programs sell a lot of chalky tasting food, and people make their final resolution…again.I am not being cruel! I have been one of these people! And not only about losing weight, but a lot of other things as well. My excuses are endless: I’ve been busy, sick, tired, unmotivated. These are legitimate excuses at times, but every time? I have abandoned so many plans, left so many to-do lists undone.

I’ve committed criminal negligence against my dreams.

My negligence puts me in a vulnerable position. When I watch someone else who’s working hard to accomplish their goals I get mad, defensive even. This person might be a family member or close friend, so then I feel guilty over my jealous anger. Where I used to extend grace and mercy, now I can only find fault. Can anyone else relate? I am not sharing this information for the fun of it. To judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions is pure lunacy.

This battle, action versus intention, has destroyed many relationships because the standards are so unfair.  

Don’t abandon your dreams and become a cynic of those who refuse to quit. Own up to your failures. Expose your weaknesses. Learn how to endure. This is the key to leaving the mountain of broken resolutions behind in order to live a life of resolve. 

What steps are you taking to live a life of resolve?

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Everyone has responsibilities and no one is exempt from the consequences of either accepting or rejecting them.This concept might seem cut and dry to you, but it does not take long to realize that many, if not most, people are irresponsible.

We live in a society that views responsibility as the equivalent of leprosy.

The state of our country and economy is a perfect example of irresponsibility at its finest. Does anyone else find it a bit ridiculous that America has trillions of dollars in debt, no budget, and the senators have to be locked in a room to finally come up with some sort of plan? (That’s my laymen’s definition of sequestering.)

Sometimes I wish that I could print more money, which has no backing whatsoever, and pay off my debt. My life would get a lot easier, but that’s only because I would be thrown into prison for being a counterfeiter. Seems rather silly for me to even suggest printing funny money to pay my bills….but isn’t that what our government is doing?

I only use our government as an example because I believe that the current state of our nation reflects decades of busted philosophies, fed as truth, to the people.

Here’s what I am learning: There is no quick fix. If I want to get out of debt, I have to work my butt off. Likewise, if I want to lose weight, I have to work my butt off. I cannot eat cookies and have rock solid abs. I have tried and tried, but flab keeps winning!

Accepting responsibility for my actions is not always fun. I want to be mad at everyone for my debt, but I signed the papers. I want to yell at the scales, but I ate the cookies.

The true test comes when I have to face up to my responsibilities. Will I make the necessary changes? Well, that all depends…on me.