A Life of Resolve

Resolutions are not just made at New Year’s.

They are also made at the beginning of summer. That magical time of year when a woman realizes she cannot wear a two piece bathing suit. It’s been her aim for the last fifteen years to lose an incredible amount of weight and wow everyone with her awesome new look.

At the first signs of spring, gym membership increases, weight loss programs sell a lot of chalky tasting food, and people make their final resolution…again.I am not being cruel! I have been one of these people! And not only about losing weight, but a lot of other things as well. My excuses are endless: I’ve been busy, sick, tired, unmotivated. These are legitimate excuses at times, but every time? I have abandoned so many plans, left so many to-do lists undone.

I’ve committed criminal negligence against my dreams.

My negligence puts me in a vulnerable position. When I watch someone else who’s working hard to accomplish their goals I get mad, defensive even. This person might be a family member or close friend, so then I feel guilty over my jealous anger. Where I used to extend grace and mercy, now I can only find fault. Can anyone else relate? I am not sharing this information for the fun of it. To judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions is pure lunacy.

This battle, action versus intention, has destroyed many relationships because the standards are so unfair.  

Don’t abandon your dreams and become a cynic of those who refuse to quit. Own up to your failures. Expose your weaknesses. Learn how to endure. This is the key to leaving the mountain of broken resolutions behind in order to live a life of resolve. 

What steps are you taking to live a life of resolve?