Not quite a chef

I learned a new skill today. 

I can now slice up a watermelon–and it doesn’t look like I’ve hacked it with a sword!

My cooking skills are slowly developing…

(Anyone can learn how to slice up fruits and veggies pretty fast.)

Planning out menus and such does not come easily to me. Honestly, I’ve kept my meals simple enough to be sitting down and eating within 30 minutes. 

But I have a crock pot now, so I want to utilize it and make yummy foods that just need to be reheated. 

Pretty sure that when I have kids they will spend a lot of time with me learning how to cook.

Assuming that I figure it out myself…

I didn’t pay attention to that growing up and, if I had an opportunity to go back in time, that’s one thing I would change. 

Learning to cook while you’re young is much easier than figuring it out later. 

Culinary Adventures 

Cooking is not my super power. 

 I am still figuring out how to navigate grocery stores and meal planning. 

By no means am I suffering from malnourishment, but it’s easy to fall into the “just eat a bowl of cereal or a sandwich” trap. 

Thankfully, my friend Sheri owns a restaurant and she’s helping me out with ideas. 

I know the best cooks didn’t start out as masters, so I truly believe there is hope for me yet. 

If nothing else, my goal is to not be a wife who burns everything to a crisp. 

Why not start learning now when I’m the only one who will eat a burned dinner if there’s a culinary disaster?

I also want to start a recipe box…

I think it will be cool to see how many recipes I collect as the years go by. 

I know several ladies who have recipe cards over 20 years old!