Culinary Adventures 

Cooking is not my super power. 

 I am still figuring out how to navigate grocery stores and meal planning. 

By no means am I suffering from malnourishment, but it’s easy to fall into the “just eat a bowl of cereal or a sandwich” trap. 

Thankfully, my friend Sheri owns a restaurant and she’s helping me out with ideas. 

I know the best cooks didn’t start out as masters, so I truly believe there is hope for me yet. 

If nothing else, my goal is to not be a wife who burns everything to a crisp. 

Why not start learning now when I’m the only one who will eat a burned dinner if there’s a culinary disaster?

I also want to start a recipe box…

I think it will be cool to see how many recipes I collect as the years go by. 

I know several ladies who have recipe cards over 20 years old!

2 thoughts on “Culinary Adventures 

  1. I love that idea! I have a recipe “binder” that I have been keeping for years. I don’t refer to it often, but it is fun to look at it every now and then. Since you are not one of those annoying picky eaters, I think you will be a fabulous cook since you are not afraid to try to new things. We’ll have to whip up some good eats when I come visit!!!

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