Who you’re not

Do you know who you’re not

I realize this is a weird question. Experts and amateurs alike focus more on discussions around discovering who you are than discovering who you are not.

However, it’s vital to know both. 

You’re more likely to be counterproductive, pursuing things that are not related to your purpose, if you never discover who you’re not. For those who are Christians, you’ll also see more results in your spiritual life by knowing who you are and who you are not.

The topic of identity gets a lot of attention in our culture because our fast paced culture doesn’t allow much time for introspection and reflection. If you’re not moving at full speed, someone else might get ahead of you! 

Never mind the fact that life is more a marathon than a sprint….

By learning who I am not, I am freeing myself up to be who I am.

My focus is getting sharper.

My purpose is becoming clearer.

I compare myself to others less and less.

I don’t have to be you and you don’t have to be me. Isn’t that awesome?

Take my advice. Spend some time getting to know yourself. Then get busy chasing your dreams and helping others.

Know who you are, know who you are not. 



Are you really listening?

The story of Jesus talking to Peter on the seashore is one of my favorites. 

I think we can all relate to Peter because his life is the most relatable of the disciples. This guy was zealous, but made some mistakes along the way. 

Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love me?” 

Peter says, “You know I do.”

Jesus responds, “Go feed my sheep.”

This happens two other times. Jesus is questioning Peter to check his heart while also giving Peter a job to do. 

Peter got a little exasperated at Jesus, but Jesus wasn’t bothered–until Peter compared himself to John. 
“What about John, Lord? What’s his job? Where’s his heart?” Peter asked in reply.  

Jesus was firm in His answer: “What about him? We’re talking about you. If John lives until I return again, is that any of your business?”

Pastor Hagin shared at church tonight how it’s important to work and serve where God has placed you right now. 
Standing firm, staying in position is only possible when you are secure in who you are in Christ. 

Jesus was giving Peter instructions and the next words out of Peter’s mouth are “What about John?”

Maybe God’s been talking to you for a while and you’re too busy looking around at others.

Just something to think about…

I know this is an area where I have to be on guard. 

The comparison trap keeps us from hearing God’s voice effectively because our attention is divided. 

Remember: God is always talking to us. All we need to do is get quiet and listen up. 

Growing in Confidence

I’m really terrible at describing myself.

Today I filled out a survey for the Rhema yearbook team. One of the questions was: How would you describe yourself in six words?


This is my first response any time I’m asked this question. 

My mind goes blank. 

Am I the only one who struggles in this area?

While I’m at Rhema,  I want to learn how to be confident in my authority as a believer and how to be confident in who God made me to be as a person. 
Confidence in both areas is important. 

I’m glad that God patiently walks with us on our journeys. 

He’s definitely teaching me so much about digging deeper and not giving up. 

So, if you also struggle with either one of those areas, don’t quit!

Turkey Sandwich Fellowship

I had the opportunity to eat lunch with a few friends today. 

After a full day of classes, we had church over soup and sandwiches!

One of my favorite things to see is how God is moving in the lives of others. 

Our God is so faithful!

He speaks to each of our hearts in a way that keeps us walking in the right direction. 

My friend shared with us a revelation that is, to me, one of the best revelations God shares: Our identity in Christ. 

I remember how sweet that revelation was in my own life–an abandoned and rejected child who just needed to know God’s love was for real and for her. 

So, I rejoiced with my friend and encouraged her to learn as much as she could about her identity in Christ. 

Fellowship in the Word takes place in many forms, but I’m thankful for my lunchtime feast. 

My turkey sandwich has never tasted better!