Turkey Sandwich Fellowship

I had the opportunity to eat lunch with a few friends today. 

After a full day of classes, we had church over soup and sandwiches!

One of my favorite things to see is how God is moving in the lives of others. 

Our God is so faithful!

He speaks to each of our hearts in a way that keeps us walking in the right direction. 

My friend shared with us a revelation that is, to me, one of the best revelations God shares: Our identity in Christ. 

I remember how sweet that revelation was in my own life–an abandoned and rejected child who just needed to know God’s love was for real and for her. 

So, I rejoiced with my friend and encouraged her to learn as much as she could about her identity in Christ. 

Fellowship in the Word takes place in many forms, but I’m thankful for my lunchtime feast. 

My turkey sandwich has never tasted better!

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