Summer Reading


It’s summer reading time! 

My friend Mary gave me 2 sacks full of novels (and a few nonfiction books as well) so I am ready for some serious fun reading.

Even when I wasn’t a student, I mostly read fiction in the summer. There’s something about summer that makes me not want to read anything heavy. 

Am I the only one that feels this way?

I thought it would be fun to get some recommendations (you know, in case I’m able to finish all the books on my bottom book shelf). 

  1. What are some books on your summer reading list?
  2. Any of them graphic novels? I’m trying to give that genre a chance, so I’ve read a couple this year.
  3. What about nonfiction? Have any good nonfiction reads you think I should throw on my summer reading list?
  4. Any of your favorite authors releasing books this summer? Any that you’ve already pre-ordered?
  5. Are you participating in the local library’s summer reading program?





Library Love

I feel like a citizen of Tulsa now because I have a library card!

The library cooperative here is a good one and I’m pleased with how well it’s run. 

It’s amazing how at home I feel in a library. There’s just something about being surrounded by information that makes me happy. 

Even as a first time visitor the atmosphere was so inviting. 

I’m not doing any heavy duty reading until school starts, but I couldn’t leave without checking out a few books. 

Graphic novels are a genre that I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. 

I was able to find some books that interested me and they make for such a quick read that I decided to give the genre a chance.

Kudos to the Tulsa County-City Library Cooperative. I look forward to being a patron.