Tax Day Thoughts

Happy Tax Day!

Or, for all of my accountant friends, Happy I-Get-My-Life-Back-After-Today!

I am truly appreciative for accountants because they help keep everyone in good standing with the government. 

And…I really don’t like dealing with all the paperwork and fine print myself. 

However, tax collectors during biblical times were not treated with much respect and I can understand why. They often cheated the people to make a profit. 

Thankfully, accountants (for the most part) have a better rap today. 

Jesus didn’t villainize taxes either. 

He basically told the people to stop grumbling about taxes and give the money to whom it is due-whether to the government or to God.

I agree with Jesus. 

Just pay your taxes. 

Don’t make a big deal about how the big, dirty, rotten, corrupt government who zaps you dry. (Heard quite a bit of murmuring today.)

What good does whining do?

And our tax law, for the most part, is much more lax than that of biblical times. 

The tax collectors could charge whatever percentage they wanted as long as the government got their cut. 

We’ve got it good! Most of us will get money back! 

On this tax day, keep your perspective positive. Our government may have its flaws, but we have so much to be thankful for. 

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