The Power of Showing Up

This Sunday was a Sunday of firsts.

  1. First Sunday to serve as a volunteer in the media department. I get to help run camera for RBTC’s exaltation on Tuesday!
  2. First Sunday to volunteer at the nursing home’s chapel service. I helped lead worship, which was totally a surprise but totally awesome!

Getting plugged in as a volunteer is a great way to get to know and to serve your church family. 

Maybe there are not a lot of opportunities to serve in your most favorite areas, but I encourage you to not be a pew sitter. 

Get involved. 

I think, for me, this is the biggest reason that staying home and watching a live streamed church service is not my thing. 

Of course, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with live streaming church–hear me out, okay?

I simply question saying you’re a member of such and such church when all you do is tune in online. 

For instance, I know of a couple who are “members” of a church that is at least 2 states away…

You can’t be involved from 2 states away. 

There are 50 trillion churches in Oklahoma (only a slight exaggeration). 

They can’t find one church to connect with?

Once again, I’m not against live streaming church nor am I against posting the video or audio of church services online. 

Not everyone can physically go to church or have a church come to them like Rhema’s nursing home outreach provides to shut ins. 

But what about us who can walk out the door and go to any church we like?

Is online church the best option?

There’s just something about showing up…

In a world that is so disconnected, showing up is powerful. 

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