Good Soil Matters

Dirt is the most important part of gardening.

It doesn’t matter how good your seed is if the soil quality is poor. I know of gardeners and farmers who pay big bucks to up the quality of their soil.

What makes good dirt? Nice, loamy soil is always desired over soil with an overabundance of clay.

Loamy is a fancy word for light and fluffy. A more technical way to describe “loamy” is soil that is nutrient rich and not too hard so that it can easily receive moisture.

Are you wondering why I am describing good soil? There is a point, I promise! I’ve seen many people, families, and other organizations described using gardening terms. It’s really the best example because you see the results of good and bad gardening conditions all around you—even if you don’t garden yourself.

How often have you heard someone refer to the importance of good foundations? Probably a lot. Goodness knows I have!

The soil in a garden matters.The “why” behind our decisions matters. Making poor decisions is the same as planting seeds in poor soil. The results will always be less than desirable.

Mediocrity can be defined as careless, ill-planned, and poorly executed plans that lead to a careless, ill-planned, and poorly executed life.

I know of people who spend more time picking out their clothes than they do on major decisions such as work, family, and money.

Mediocre gardens and people are everywhere. Both can be easily spotted out because poor quality is always noticeable.

That’s not the kind of life I want to have.

Pay attention to your soil, the “why” behind what you do. Fruitfulness is the reward of the diligent.  

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