Funny memories

It’s no surprise that I’m a bit of a tightwad. My me-maw always said I was as tight as the bark on a tree when it came to money. 

The term I prefer is frugal. 

The thrill of a good deal, to me, is an important aspect of the shopping experience. 

Today I have outdone myself and in the process created a priceless family memory. 

This year is my niece Skylar’s first Christmas. Like any good aunt, I wanted to be with her the first time she met Santa Clause. (Plus, the first encounter is always the funniest.)

So I took my niece to the thrift store because the picture cost $5, which is a much better deal than $20 everywhere else. 

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. See what that good deal got for me:

  This made us all laugh hysterically. Everything about this picture screams cheapo…
My sister says Skylar will never forget her Aunt Audra now. 

Well, I’d say the day was a success. 

Her next Santa picture will be much better (aka worth spending $20) because Skylar was clearly not impressed with Santa this year. 

Mr. Corn Face and I

It doesn’t take much to tickle my funny bone. 

Most every day is filled with sprinkles of humor that make me smile. 
Today was no exception. 

The thrift store had several corny items…and I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures. 

  My friend, Mr Corn Face, would’ve been mine IF he hadn’t cost $20. 

(He’s one special guy, I’m sure, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money.)

  I was reminded today that random, funny moments make for the best memories. 

Take some time over the weekend to look for the silly side of things. 

And if you bump into my friend Mr. Corn Face say hello for me.