The Queen’s Garden

I watched a documentary called The Queen’s Garden. 

It was all about Queen Elizabeth II’s garden at Buckingham Palace. 

Talk about a beautiful place!

There are hundreds of species of birds and woodland creatures in the garden. Not to mention thousands of species of bugs and fungi. 

And, of course, the garden is home to hundreds of various flowers.

Two of the flowers were actually created to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and her 70th birthday. 

Another cool tidbit is that Queen Elizabeth has four beehives and several acres of mulberry bushes, which supply honey and berries for the royal family.

The garden is 40 acres and is one of the most beautiful sites in London. 

What I was most fascinated by is the history behind the garden–it goes all the back to Henry VIII! 

Can you imagine growing up with such a beautiful site as your playground?

English history has always intrigued me and The Queen’s Garden is well worth the watch. 

Springtime reflections

I went on a 5 mile walk today with my friend. It was awesome! 

Springtime pushes me out of the house and into the sunshine. Plus, it’s time for me to get back into an exercise routine…it’s been too long. 

I looked around as we walked the trail and saw some interesting things:

1. Beautiful trees growing in all sorts of directions. 

2. A butterfly bush and several butterflies. (I even tried to catch one but it didn’t happen.)

3. A man playing bongos on a park bench. 

4. The fact that this beautiful walking trail ran parallel to the road and highway entrance. It just struck me as odd for some reason. 

The weather is beautiful and the sunshine’s appearance makes this Easter weekend perfect. 

Today I can’t help but think of the disciples and how they were so sad because Jesus was gone–or so they thought! 

It’s easy for us to pick on them for their unbelief, but that’s unfair. 

How many times do we fail?

And, we have the whole Bible and the disciples did not. 

They remembered after the fact all that Jesus had told them about His death, burial, and resurrection. 

I’ve forgotten stuff the Lord has told me and the Holy Spirit has to remind me. 

All of these thoughts have me excited about Sunday…

Even when I mess up and forget, Jesus never does. He always does what He says. 

Nothing has changed from that first Easter weekend to now because Jesus is the most stable, most steady guy I know.