The adventure ahead

My first Monday in Tulsa went well.

I had a job interview and took care of a few other things that needed to be done. 

Getting established takes time, so I’m happy that I drove out a week early. 

It’s also nice to have a bit of down time before school starts. The last several months have been busy with the holidays and my extra job and preparing to move. 

I am trying to not let my thoughts get to far ahead of me…

What will this be like?

I need to have this paid by this date.

My schedule is in free fall, which can make this recovering control freak nervous. 

Part of what I am learning now is to enjoy the ride.


God is in control. 

He’s the provider and sustainer. 

I know all of these things, but keeping my thoughts in check is a full time job.

 You can’t let them stray too far or you’ll lose sight of the truth: God is faithful. 

I am so excited about school starting. Things are shaping up. 

I am choosing to focus on the adventure ahead instead of the minute details that don’t matter in the long run.