Say no to crazy

Does anyone else feel like people are acting a bit crazy about this presidential election?

I saw on the news today that a tattoo artist is offering to give people free Donald Trump tattoos…

I’m not saying if I’m for or against Trump–who I vote for is my business–but getting a tattoo of any president or presidential candidate is creepy. 
Here’s my plea:

Say no to crazy. 

Pray for our country, the future president, the election…

Just don’t be crazy. 

You can be an advocate and have an opinion, but extremism pushes people away (it scares them). 

If your candidate is as good as you say they are, let the facts be what persuades others. 

State the facts and don’t be crazy because craziness is not persuasive. 

Politics is already a sticky subject without you adding more to it. 

And please do your homework before presenting something as fact. Just because it’s on the news doesn’t mean it’s truth.