Goals for May

Hard to believe May is here! 

We’re 5 months into 2016…

With a new month comes a few new goals. I’m trying something new, which is really helping me build my consistency muscle. 

I’m tackling goals in monthly chunks. 

If I want to do something, I set a goal to accomplish it within a month.

You can do anything for a month, right?

This May I am reading through the gospels and journaling daily for 10 minutes. 

When I started daily blogging, I dropped daily journaling and that’s just not okay, especially because there’s a lot of things to think about right now. 

I need some dedicated space to say whatever comes to my mind and not filter my thoughts. 

My goal in reading through the gospels is simple: I need to spend some time with Jesus and study more closely what He did and said. 

Jesus told His followers that as He is so are we in this world. I want to look at what that means more because there’s a lot of teachings out there on what Jesus said and meant. 

Why not just read the Bible and see for yourself?

Is it wise to poke and prod at what to take literally? 

If Jesus didn’t mean everything He said, we are left with a lot of scriptures to interpret by ourselves, which is dangerous. 

These are the questions I’m asking myself as I read. 

What are your goals for May?

Month One Reflections

I have blogged every day for a month.


This project is stretching my diligence and consistency muscle.

Consistency really is key.

Before I started this journey, I had all of these ideas for blog posts, but I never got around to writing.

Now, I look forward to writing a post every day.

I won’t say that I plan my topics (because most of the time I don’t) but I know that, at some point, a post has to go up.

This knowledge serves as my motivator.

And now I’m thinking….

What else can I accomplish with a boost of consistency?

All of the clichés are true.

Add consistency to good character.

And then step back.


You just found the formula for success.

It’s that easy…not!

But it’s worth it.

And that’s one of the biggest lessons I’m learning right now.

Here’s to another month of blogging.