I dream of peach ice cream

Good news!

I got to take the kids home from camp today. They were pretty worn out and slept the entire way. That, to me, is a great sign that they had a lot of fun this past week. (I bet their camp counselors will sleep wonderfully tonight as well.)

The trip back home from Montgomery was a bit…tiring. Traffic on I-65 North was crazy. I ended up taking Highway 31 North home. Traffic was still pretty bad, but it was much better than the interstate.

On the bright side, our caravan made a pit stop in Clanton.

If you know anything about Alabama, Chilton County is a magical place in the summer.


We’re as sweet as a Clanton peach.

Peaches are in season!
And–my personal favorite–peach ice cream comes back!

It’s a fact: You can’t drive through Clanton in the summer without stopping by Durbin Farms for some ice cream.

A camping we will go! 

Today’s post is more of an update. I had the opportunity to pick up kids for Camp Shocco for the Deaf.

For many deaf children, it’s the first time they’ve heard the gospel. Also, it’s a camp that allows a deaf child’s hearing brothers and sisters–and other close relatives–to come as well.

This year’s camp attendance is great! Over 100 kids filled the chapel when I left this afternoon. Wow!

 Please be in prayer for camp this week. Pray for all the kids and staff. I’m believing that a lot of kids will be saved. I’m also believing that everyone will be safe and have lots of fun.

On a personal note, I’m believing to be off this Saturday so I can help take kids back home and hear about their week.

Birmingham Community Deaf Church, Deaf Christian Fellowship, and the Alabama Baptist Conference for the Deaf are paying for camp this week. 
They still need donations to pay for students’ tuition. The cost per camper is $250.

Donations of any amount are appreciated.

Feel free to send a check to one of the addresses listed on the letter or leave me a comment if you want to send a donation electronically.

Remember to pray for camp this week, okay?