Community Question & Answer

I love being asked questions within a community context. There’s nothing like reevaluating the whys. 

  • Why are we meeting together?
  • Why commit to this cause?
  • Why is it worth the sacrifices I’m being asked to make?

When a church–or any organization for that matter–takes the time to reevaluate, it helps strengthen the group by realigning their efforts around unattended values. 

Also, reevaluation fires up the group about their  unwavering values. 

Everyone’s answer to the whys will most definitely vary. 

Unwavering values emerge as the answers that fit under the same umbrella no matter how the answer is worded. 

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of sitting through several seasons of what I call Defining The Why within the context of school, work, and church. 

It’s interesting to see how  answering the why questions can change the heartbeat of an organization. 

Whether the issue is needing to speed up or slow down  the heartbeat, answering the whys fix the problem every time. 

Some of us are more patient during these seasons of questioning than others, but it’s better to be a bit impatient and endure rather than not ask why followed by a long period of aimless drifting. 
Trust me when I say endurance is better than drifting. 

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