Overcoming Off Days

I had such a hard time staying on track at work. While I was talking to one student, the name of a school course completely left my mind. 

One minute the title was there and the next?


My want to vaporized so every task–even my interaction with fellow classmates–was an act of will. 
Things eventually turned around, but that wasn’t until much later. 
The smartest choice at times like these is to keep your mouth shut. You won’t get into trouble later that way. 

Plus, when I’m cranky, it’s easy for me to complain…

This leads to more guilt and only digs the hole deeper. 

The truth is everyday will not be awesome. You’ll be off kilter and need help getting back on track. 

Pray, talk to a friend, take a walk, nap–whatever it takes to work through the funk. 

The key is to not create unnecessary messes to be dealt with later when you’re back to normal. 

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