Super Tuesday thoughts

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. If it’s your state’s turn, go out and vote!

Maybe you hate all the candidates or maybe you know exactly who to vote for. 

Just keep in mind that not voting is casting a vote. 

You’re voting to not participate in a right that’s not available in all countries around the world.

It’s lazy, really, to not vote.  Take 15 minutes and head down to the polls. 

This is an important election. Our country needs a good leader who will help change the political landscape for the better. 

But if we all stay home, nothing will change. 

Your vote matters. 

Don’t believe the lie that says it doesn’t matter! This is America. You have a voice! 

Our freedom comes at a high price and our privileges as citizens are the envy of the world. 

I’ve written more about politics in the last several weeks than I ever have…

Nothing about this topic makes me comfortable, but it’s important. 

It’s time to wake up and pay attention to what’s happening around us. 

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