Learning to Trust

God is good. 

He takes care of me and He’s the only reason I am able to come to Rhema right now. 

My bank’s entire computer system was down….

I needed to pay my tuition, which involved working with the bank to raise the limit on my debit card.

So, I prayed. My friend Marci prayed with me as well. 

Lord, I want to get my registration done today. Please get this cleared up for me. 

Then I called the bank and my favorite teller moved me to the top of her priority list. 

Then I stood in line outside the admissions office and waited my turn. 

The registrar was very gracious and understanding. She told me to come back in the morning. As I walked out the door, my phone rang. 

The computer system was back up and I was able to register. 

I’m pretty sure God was laughing at me in that moment. 

Trust me, Audra. I told you it would be okay. 

All I can say is this:

The most important thing you will ever learn in life is to trust God. If He says it, He’ll do it. 

This whole journey to Rhema has done nothing but build up my faith and trust. 

The key to resting in the promises, to limitless faith is trust. 

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