Must see: Woodlawn

You need to watch Woodlawn

Talk about a wonderful movie…I heard a reporter say that Woodlawn is this generation’s Remember the Titans. I agree. 

Not being an avid football fan, I hadn’t heard of Tony Nathan’s story. 

Southerners aren’t proud of the past, for sure, but this movie isn’t about the shame of the past. It’s about the redemption that came when a brave group decided to not stay stuck. 

And the way out? 


This is not a cop out answer either. Real encounters with Jesus do not leave you the same. 

I need to read up on the Jesus Movement. The movie references it several times.  It happened way before my time, so I don’t know much about this period in church history. 

The movie did a great job of presenting Christians in a non-cliche way. It simply showed the power of Christians walking in obedience. 

I highly encourage you to watch Woodlawn. If you already have, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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