Brick Oven Fun

I made pizza in a brick oven!

After the Job And Housing Fair, Dad and I headed over to Karl and Elinnor Tomerins’ house. They are some of my dad and stepmom’s oldest friends from Rhema. 

The fair was great. There is definitely work to be had in Tulsa if you’re not lazy. 

I’ll share more about my next employment endeavor when that time comes. 

Back to the brick oven….

Mr. Karl, Dad, and myself cooked a frozen pizza in the brick oven Mr. Karl built last year. 

We worked on getting the fire to just the right temperature. Dad and I encountered a minor snafu when the stone slab cracked from the heat. 

No worries, though, because we figured it out! 

I’ll end this adventure story by sharing pictures: 


Shut the oven door!


Mr. Karl and Dad


Keeping an eye on the pizza


The pizza was a little bit darker on the bottom than anticipated, but it was still edible. 

We had a blast making it and I’m glad we had the afternoon to spend with our friends. 


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