Must Read: All Over but the Shoutin’

All Over but the Shoutin‘ is one of my favorite books. I read it just about every year. 

  My high school librarian, Ms. Laurie Dunlap, recommended the book to me. 

(Now that I think about it, she introduced me to many of my favorite books.  I need to take her out to lunch one day to say thanks.)

Rick Bragg is a natural born storyteller. 

He has a way of finding the light in the darkest of stories, but he’s also not a liar, which is refreshing. 

This book is a biography that focuses on his mom’s sacrifices to provide the best life possible for himself and his brothers, Sam and Mark. 

This is the first book that made me cry. I was sitting in math class and I couldn’t stop the tears. 

If you enjoy biographies, I highly recommend this book. 

3 thoughts on “Must Read: All Over but the Shoutin’

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