Defining Moments

Here’s the dream that inspired my logo.

My parents and I were struggling to navigate the sea of changes. We all hopped into the journey feet first but we continued asking the Lord for direction.

And then my stepmom had a dream…

My parents were explorers on a hunt for treasure. An older explorer journeyed with them but could only take them so far.

Out in the bush, a lot of obstacles stood in their way. They continued searching, knowing the treasure was worth it.

The treasure turned out to be a jewel covered shovel. It was indeed a valuable–yet useful–tool that required protection and skillful handling.

The older explorer then gave the shovel to my parents, explaining that they were now  its guardians.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am the shovel. 

The Lord gave the dream to my family because it painted a clear picture of how He viewed our situation.

The dream has been an anchor for us as He continues to reveal the plans and purposes He has for our family. 

Next week, I will share more on how this dream continues to shape my thinking.

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