A prophet’s job

I am spending my Saturday at a church conference led by a prophet. She’s teaching us about the role of a prophet in modern times.

Mary Frances Varallo has been following God in the role of a prophet for the last 30 years.

I’m learning a lot!

I am not saying that this is a gift that I carry, but I know that the teachings from this weekend are important.

The Lord told me when this conference was announced that I needed to go–and that’s something I don’t say lightly.

We, as Christians, need to be prepared for the changes coming our way. The prophetic gifting is crucial because prophets speak things to the body of Christ that pastors are able to guide and implement.

Understanding the gifts and callings of God within the church is as important as understanding how your human body works.

Unity is the goal.

And that’s why we, as Christians, need to understand the roles and functions of each ministry gift.

This weekend’s teachings are opening my eyes to the prophet’s job in God’s kingdom.

Blessed can’t even begin to describe my feelings….expectant, overjoyed, hungry–to name a few.

Here’s Mary Frances’ website if you want to read more about her.

And here’s my home church’s website if you want to listen to her teachings from the weekend.



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