Your Goals Need Feet

  I got this jewelry box for Christmas. It’s been hanging up on my wall since then and I still haven’t added any pictures. 

While I was drying my hair this morning, it occurred to me that many of us need to add some pictures to our lives. 

The fake families and individuals in picture frames represent daily living. These pictures are merely fillers. 

You are supposed to go out into the world and make picture worthy memories of your own. But many of us don’t. 
The idea that it’s possible to live vicariously through others needs to die.

 You can’t leave fake pictures in your picture frames and think it’s the real deal. 

Go out into the world and do something.

 Make some memories with friends and family. Volunteer your time instead of just writing a check. 

I am calling 2015 the “Year of Doing” for a reason. I was sick of dreaming and wishing for things to happen. At 24 years old, my regrets were starting to pile up high. 

 I determined to put some feet on my goals. 

Now on to my next task: putting pictures in the frames…

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