Reason to Celebrate

A couple of years ago I believed I would never have a relationship with my dad. I wanted to meet him but figured it would be one of those awkward “Hi, I’m your kid. Tell me your family’s medical history and I’ll be glad to get out of your hair” moments. We’d drink a cup of coffee, talk about the weather, and then go our separate ways.

I’m so glad that’s not how it went.

Despite the time I have with my dad now, I know what it’s like to grow up without parents. In fact, I used to be one of the most bitter and resentful people when it came to my parents.

No matter what anyone tells you kids want their parents to be around. But I used to be quick to tell you that I didn’t need my parents because I was getting along just fine without them.

Did I mention that I was a pretty good actress as well?

I was so excited to have my dad around that I started sifting through my life and got very critical. It’s like I had to find some way to reconcile my past and my present in order to make sense of it all.  

I forgot just how blessed I was to have grandparents who raised me like their own. I forgot how many people grafted me into their families.

Psalm 68: 6 says that God sets the solitary in families. He certainly did that for me.

So this Father’s Day I’m not just celebrating the restoration of my relationship with my dad. I’m also celebrating that my Heavenly Father blessed me with lots of family when I needed it most.

It’s my prayer that I can encourage those who are walking through a similar situation. I had a lot of people who helped me through, so how can I not do the same? 

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