Opening Doors of Opportunity

I have often heard of people praying for God to open doors for them. These same people usually ask God to close doors for them as well. This prayer has become the mantra of the masses and I only know this because I have prayed the same thing many, many times in hopes for a breakthrough.

One has to wonder if God ever gets tired of spending His time shutting and opening doors for us. Isn’t that the reason for discernment? I ask this question in the midst of decisions to be made in my own life.

Today I walked into town to run a few errands and something caught my eye: The door of the Marion Times-Standard office was open. I stopped just past the entrance and did a double take.

Go inside.

I paused a minute longer and continued on my way.

After I dropped off my dry cleaning, I traced my steps back to the office and obeyed. 

Here’s the truth about your dreams: No one is standing around thinking of ways to jumpstart them. I am quite sure there are plenty of people willing to help, but only you can start the process. The door being opened at the Marion Times-Standard definitely kick started my thinking, but the opportunity would have been there even if I opened the door myself.

I am ready to pursue opportunity. That means I might be rejected and criticized along the way. That means discouragement and apathy will whisper—no scream—in my ear as I work to become disciplined. However, my dreams are worth it—I am worth it—so I choose to pursue opportunity.

 No matter where you live one thing is certain: Men and women of vision and character are needed. It’s time to stop hiding out from our fears and uncertainties. Of course, you should always be on the lookout for open doors, but don’t be afraid to open them either.

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