What I Learned While Cutting Grass

When I cut the grass, I have a system: Look at where I’m cutting, think about what I want it to look like, and proceed.

The main reason for this system is that I have a battery operated weed eater. I usually have about an hour’s worth of juice, so I have to have a plan of attack. If I don’t plan my yard looks horrible and I get really cranky.

As I worked today, I couldn’t help but think of the creation story. I’m pretty sure that God sat back and really thought about His plans. He had a lot to get done in six days.

“Let’s see, first I have to create light and darkness, then land and sea. Yes, get the terrain set and then add the animals. That way everything will be ready for Adam.”

I’m amazed at God’s diligence and thoroughness. He thought of everything to make the world perfect for His ultimate creation: Mankind.

Isn’t it amazing?

The coolest part is that God loved humanity so much He knew that man would sin and STILL continued in His work.

He wants a relationship with you and me.

As I walk in relationship with Christ, it changes how I do the most every day things. I think about the normal, seemingly mundane tasks in life in a whole new way.

God wants to be the God of your family, finances, health—every aspect of your life—and in return He wants you to take responsibility, to trust and see His plan in all things.

It’s a cyclical notion.

That’s how I can see the fingerprint of God as I cut the grass, in the spider who builds His web, in the inner workings of a family.

God is everywhere.

The more Christ opens my eyes, the more I see the beauty of God’s creation, and how I fit into His plan.  

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