The Biggest Impact: Part II

When I met my dad, it was like finding the missing pieces of a puzzle. I was able to fill in the gaps on so many of the mysteries surrounding my life.

I found out that we are freakishly (and I say this in a loving way) similar; not just in appearance but in personality as well. That was something I had always wondered about because my whole life I acted so differently from the rest of my family.

I gained two grandmothers, Grandma Susana and Nana; four siblings, Sofia, Savanna, Caleb, and Selah; and last but not least a beautiful stepmother, Celina or Mama Ce.

What a blessing!

Also, he and my stepmom are really challenging my thinking in a lot of ways. I’m just going to list them in order to save some time because each area would require its own explanation: Faith, family, ministry, food, hobbies….those are just some general categories.

The cool thing is that I am walking through these things with my parents. In many ways these things are all new to each of us, so it’s a learning curb for us all.

I guess the best way to answer part two of my dad’s question is to refer back to part one (see last post).

I would say that the answer is just as simple: his presence in my life has only made me stronger and more secure.

This post is not about boosting my dad’s ego. 

The Lord designed marriage and family to be a representation of his love for the church.

Fathers are the protectors, providers, and spiritual leaders of the family. If you are a father and are not doing the above things, you are acting outside of the will of God.

My dad will be the first to tell you that he was a coward for leaving me in the first place. In fact, that was the first thing he ever said to me when we started talking via Facebook.

However, he asked my forgiveness and immediately began seeking ways to fulfill his role as my father. That makes him a hero in my book. 

My life has not been the same since that moment, and I would not want it to be because God turned my heart toward my father. Not many girls can say the same. 

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